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27 JanHelp protect your local hearing loss services – Take Action Today!

Action on Hearing Loss have launched their new research report:

Under Pressure: NHS audiology across the UK

Protect the vital hearing loss services in your area

Based on the findings from a survey of 140 NHS adult audiology providers, the research shows that NHS audiology services across the UK are under significant pressure, with two in every five (41%) offering patients a reduced service as a result of budget cuts or increased demand.  It shows that short of removing provision altogether, many providers are being forced to make other changes to their services such as reducing follow up appointments, reducing the number/skill level of staff, increasing waiting times, and/or reducing home visits, and that there is much variation across the UK.

Their findings show that Read more of this article

18 DecUK Council on Deafness welcomes changes to Access to Work

The UK Council on Deafness has welcomed the Minister for Disabled People’s announcement of immediate changes to Access to Work.

David Buxton, chair of the UK Council on Deafness Access to Work group and chief executive of the British Deaf Association, said: “In particular, we are glad people will soon be able to contact Access to Work via email. It will mean deaf people will no longer need to keep explaining why they can’t speak to advisers on the telephone.

“We also look forward to the publication of user-friendly guidance and better data about how the scheme is performing. Whilst the guidance will be of immediate benefit to people who rely on the scheme, the performance data will help us all to better understand who it is helping and how.

“However, these changes must only be the beginning. Lots more needs to be done. For example, whilst email contact is a good step – although perhaps a little behind the times – people should be able to contact Access to Work and submit information via an online portal.

“And we can’t forget deaf people are still facing problems. The Minister draws our attention to improvements that have been made, but UK Council on Deafness members are still being told of people being refused the interpreting support they need.

“Self employed people are refused on technicalities, the 30-hour rule is still being applied to some people, second interpreters are not funded and awards are made that don’t take into account the market rate for interpreters. All of which means deaf people at risk of losing their jobs, or not getting them in the first place.

“We believe the Minister and the Department want to get this right. So we look forward to working with them to finish their review and begin to make the changes that will help this scheme help deaf people to fulfil their potential.”

11 JunStop the cuts to NHS hearing aid services

Urgent campaign - stop the cuts to hearing aid services.

Action on Hearing Loss are taking action in response to the proposed decommissioning by North Staffordshire CCG of hearing aid provision for people with mild or moderate age-related hearing loss, which many of you will have heard about.

How can you help?

There are three ways you can get involved right now to help us fight these cuts:

A press release can also be found on their website for further details.


17 JanAccess to Work

UK Council on Deafness and the British Deaf Association (BDA) held a seminar on the Department for Work and Pensions’ Access to Work scheme on Tuesday 14 January in London and were joined by National Association of Deafened People (NADP) who provided supplemented information for the Report.

The seminar on Access to Work covered the following areas:

  • Campaign Plan – Access to Work
  • a presentation on recent research on deaf peoples use of Access to Work by the BDA
  • discussion about how to improve Access to Work

The BDA will launch their Access to Work report next month after collecting responses from 121 deaf people who use Access to Work in the past five months.  This consultation period will end on 26th January in order to have the report finalised early February when it will be seen by the new Minister and the DWP.

View Access to Work Consultation

AtW Presentation

BDA Report AtW

NADP AtW Report Presentation

Further updates will follow….

10 JunCalling on hearing screening to be introduced at 65


Stephen Lloyd MP calls for Hearing Screening to be introduced for everybody at the age of 65.

Over 10m people in the UK have a hearing loss–this isolates, leads to other conditions and reduces access to care.

A new website is being launched soon but the report is available online at this address