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Archive for May 6th, 2019

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education / Employment


DeafUmbrella is Celebrating Deaf Awareness Week with their Role Model ‘Lorraine’

Here at Deaf Umbrella we take part every year in the Deaf Awareness Week.  Although we work hard every single day of the year on spreading Deaf Awareness and make information accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, the Deaf Awareness Week is a very welcome celebration that all the team enjoys.

In order to take part in the UK Council on Deafness campaign, we want to introduce Lorraine as our deaf role model on the Education/Employment area.

Lorraine is a truly inspiration for the Deaf community and a great role model for our Job Club users.

She joined our Employment Search Support Programme looking for a job and after a few months and demonstrating a good attitude and professionalism, we decided to offer her a job here at Deaf Umbrella as an Employment Advisor.

With training and support she supports our Deaf Job Club users with searching jobs, advising on how to deal with interviews, and sharing her experience and knowledge having been through the process.

We are proud of her and the amazing job she is doing.

Happy Deaf Awareness Week!

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education and Employment

Hearing Aid Repair Shop

Today the Hearing Aid Repair shop are celebrating

‘The remarkable Mary Hare

Miss Mary Hare coloured

Mary Hare was born on November 3rd 1865. She was one of a family of ten.

She was a remarkable woman, establishing a Brighton based uniformed women’s police force as well as being an active Suffragette. However, her foremost achievement was as the Founder of an oral school for deaf children which has now become the UK’s largest non-maintained special school for the deaf. Mary Hare’s ethos was that deafness was not a mental disability but rather a sensory impairment that presents the deaf child with additional barriers to learning. At the time this was quite a unique approach. To this day, the school continues to fulfil her vision for the auditory/oral education of deaf children. Mary Hare died in 1945 two days after her 80th birthday. She wrote in her will, ‘my efforts on behalf of the Deaf have been my greatest joy in life.’

Mary Hare School

Miss Hare opened a school for deaf boys and girls in her mother’s house in London in 1883. She went on to establish Dene Hollow Oral School for the Deaf in 1916 taking pupils from all over the world. In commemoration of its Founder, the school was renamed the Mary Hare Grammar School on 1 January 1946. In 1949 Mary Hare School moved to its current home at Arlington Manor, Newbury. Read more of this article

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education/Employment


Today Signature are Celebrating Sponsoring Deaf Awareness Week.

Deaf Awareness week not only challenges perceptions of hearing loss, but also provides countless opportunities to improve accessibility for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

At Signature, we are always looking to promote deaf awareness – and we firmly believe that everyone should have at least a basic knowledge of communication. Over the past 12 months it has been fantastic to see so many high profile organisations incorporate Deaf awareness into their training programmes and advertisements.


As we are sponsoring education and employment during Deaf Awareness Week this year, we thought it was important to highlight the need for all customer facing organisations to undertake some basic deaf awareness training. Creating a world without barriers is something that we all want. Becoming deaf aware is a huge step in the right direction!


In addition to offering a Signature qualification in Deaf awareness and Communication, we are proud to work hand in hand with Get Deaf Aware, who are very much leading the way in terms of deaf awareness training. With a variety of available training solutions, Get Deaf Aware have worked with many organisations. Newcastle University, John Lewis, Iceland, Arriva and Transpennine Express are just a few of those.

To find out some more information about Get Deaf Aware, and to request a brochure, you can visit

Happy Deaf Awareness Week to everyone!