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23 NovUKCoD AGM 2017 – Trustees

The UK Council on Deafness AGM took place during the annual conference held at BT Tower on 16th November.  Craig Crowley, Chair of the Council was delighted to announce that the following trustees had been successfully elected and welcomed them to the board.

James Watson O’Neil, SignHealth
David Welbourn, BSHAA
Jill Jones, Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers
Sheila Sirco, Consult-Terra
Valerie Copenhagen, UK Deaf Sport
Thomas Lichy, Deaf London

Jason Barnett of Deafplus was successfully re-elected now to serve his second 3 year term with the Council.

The board look forward to welcoming our new Trustees at their first meeting in December.

22 NovMeeting with Sarah Newton, Minister for Disability

UKCoD and the APPG on Deafness will be meeting with Sarah Newton 29th January 2018

The APPG and UKCoD are meeting with Sarah Newton, the new Minister for Disability, on 29th January 2018 to discuss the cap to ATW awards.

Jim Fitzpatrick (APPG Chair), Craig Crowley (UKCoD Chair, affected by the cap April ’18), Toby Burton (who will be affected by the cap in April ’18) and I (as Chair of the UKCoD Employment group), will be attending.  There may be other people attending, this is to be confirmed.

We have sent Sarah Newton the results of the DeafATW survey about the cap, and case studies about how the cap is already affecting Deaf people.


22 NovDebate at Westminster Hall, 30 November 2017

Urgent Update

Briefing for MPs [pdf]

As many of you will be aware; the Chair of the APPG, Jim Fitzpatrick MP, has secured a three hour debate on deafness and hearing loss which will take place in Westminster Hall between 1:30-4:30 on Thursday 30th November.  This is a general debate and MPs will be free to discuss any issue connected to deafness and hearing loss.

We are currently working with a number of organisations Read more of this article

17 NovConference Summary

Craig Crowley, Chair UK Council on Deafness was delighted with the success of our recent conference, hosted by BT at BT Tower, London and summarised the outcomes of the day.

Jim Fitzpatrick/APPG

  • We will continue to support Jim, Lilian and the APPG.
  • Encourage your members and beenficiaries to contact their MP and tell them to take part in the debate on 30 November – and join the APPG!

Access to telecommunications

  • Still some way to go to catch up with other countries to provide telecommunication equivalence.
  • The presentation from ACE shows it is possible; why is the UK government so behind when the services, such as those provided by SignVideo and others, are available?
  • Thanks to DAC for its work with BT and Ofcom. There is more for UKCoD to do on this issue and we will be focusing on it in the next year.

Access to broadcasting

  • Sky and iPlayer have shown it’s possible to do much more.
  • And we have seen the technology is improving all the time.
  • Good to hear encouraging words from Ofcom Chair Dame Patricia HODGSON. We, UKCoD, DAC in partnership with Action on Hearing Loss and the APPG on Deafness, will be working with her predecessor and in Parliament to deliver the secondary legislation.
  • Please Remember to respond to the consultation. Very important!

Thanks to BT for hosting their BT Tower and to SignLive, ITV, Red Bee, Deluxe and Geemarc for sponsoring this event.


15 NovEnhancing Deaf Access

– Telecommunication and Broadcasting Conference Update


Tomorrow we will be at our Annual Conference hosted by BT, where we will give an update on accessibility in Telecommunications and Broadcasting covering Telephone Relay service, Video on Demand and Live Broadcasting including developments in Subtitling and Clear Speech.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Chair of the APPG on deafness with set the scene and panel discussions will take place in each section allowing questions from the audience which will be chaired by Lilian Greenwood MP, Andrea Saks (ITU) and Patricia Hodgson (Chair, Ofcom)