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Publicity/Media coverage

Take a look at our publicity materials – they’re free for you to download and use.

UK Council on Deafness supplies a Press Release 2019 which you can download and you can add your own organisation’s contact details.  TV and radio stations, local and national newspapers and magazines are more likely to respond to stories about deaf issues during Deaf Awareness Week. This is an ideal opportunity for your organisation to benefit from the extra attention from the media and you can use it to fundraise and talk about the main services that your organisation can offer.

Additionally we have 3 A4 posters, one which you can add your own events on! Please click on the images below for a PDF version to download.

If you are participating in Deaf Awareness Week you are welcome to use the Deaf Awareness Week logo on your own publicity material.

[New publicity materials are currently being edited and will be available soon]

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