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Employment Group

The government’s Access to Work programme provides practical support to help you stay in work or get a job if you are disabled or have a health condition. It is run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Our Employment Group is currently not operating and the Board is working to re-establish it as soon as is practical given the constraints of the Pandemic.

In 2013 the deaf and deafblind community began telling government about some problems Access to Work was causing for deaf and deafblind people.

As a result, people were losing their jobs, not being promoted or finding day-today work more difficult.

We set up an Employment special interest group that developed our vision for Access to Work.

By having an agreed vision, organisations that work with and support deaf and deafblind people have convinced the Department for Work and Pensions to make some changes. They include:-

  • removal of the ’30 hour rule’
  • more and better guidance;
  • more awareness training for advisers;
  • allowing people to contact them by email;
  • publishing the guidance used by advisers [PDF];
  • a pilot of personal budgets;
  • better rules for self employed people; and
  • quicker responses to requests

Of course, not everything has been fixed yet and problems still come up. If you have had a negative experience with Access to Work, please send us your story now.

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