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18 MayBen Fogle is appointed a Patron of Hearing Dogs

To launch Deaf Awareness Week 2017, we are delighted to announce Ben Fogle as a Patron of Hearing Dogs. We chat to Ben about deafness, loneliness and his love of Labs…

Ben Fogle has been a supporter of Hearing Dogs for, well, almost his whole life! The Charity was co-founded by his father Dr Bruce Fogle 35 years ago, which kick-started a transformation in the lives of thousands of deaf people in the UK.

The announcement comes ahead of Deaf Awareness Week (15-21 May) as the dog-loving adventurer helps us to launch our ‘Deafness doesn’t have to be lonely’ campaign – which highlights the positive impact that hearing dogs have on the well being of their deaf recipients, meaning deafness isn’t such a lonely experience.

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